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Our Urdu Teachers

At Urdu Lingua, we are passionate about helping you learn the Urdu language. We provide an interactive, engaging and fun learning experience, designed to help you master the Urdu language. Our courses are taught by native Urdu speaking instructors who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our teachers use a unique combination of technology and personal attention to create a program that fits your specific needs. Whether you want to learn Urdu for work, travel or simply to communicate with family and friends, Urdu Lingua can help you reach your goals.

Our teachers are professional, skilled and truly enjoy watching their students develop new language skills. With our supportive and encouraging environment, you will look forward to your sessions with us.

Urdu Teacher Rishi



Professional Teacher

Rishi is a driven, organized, and passionate teacher of the Urdu language. His love and passion for the Urdu language is obvious. This makes him a dedicated teacher who not only is able to give a student the grammatical grounding in the language, but also gives the cultural grounding of the Urdu language and therefore imparts to the student a deeper understanding of the Urdu language. 

Urdu Teacher Mukesh



Professional Teacher

Mukesh is an experienced, skilled, dedicated,  and personable teacher who has a master’s degree in Urdu literature and linguistics and has already trained more than 1000 students. Mukesh is one of the teachers who developed a scientific and structured course called fast track to Urdu Fluency. His lessons, are structured and have clear learning objectives he is able to tailor them with ease.

Urdu teacher Mridul



Professional Teacher

Mridul is an experienced and friendly and easy-going teacher who has a master’s degree in Urdu literature and linguistics and has already taught  more than 500 students. Mridul is very passionate about helping his students reach their language learning goals. He brings an excellent ability to teach as a native speaker yet understands the challenges of learning Urdu as a second language.

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